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[cdt-l] (Guest Post) hello from the CDT

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* by our guest Jonathan Ley <over_somewhere@yahoo.com>.
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Hello from Lincoln, MT.  Been on the trail now
for a couple weeks.  It was snowing in East 
Glacier when I arrived.  I waited out that storm,
and have had excellent weather since.  The trail
has been surprisingly well-marked from the border
to here.  I've only taken one serious wrong
turn.  It appears the next section is going to be
hot and dry - should be fun!  
The lady at the post office here had about 10 
packages for hikers.  I think I've met half of
those.  I'm hiking with a few people who hiked
NM north, then flipped up here due to thick sloppy
snow in CO.
Saw 5 bears so far, 3 of those probably griz.  
Bear sign has really dropped off since leaving
Bob Marshall though.
Anyway, I'm not subscribed to the list now, if 
you'd like to get a hold of me, check my www site
for e-mail/snail mail info.

take a hike!