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Fw: [cdt-l] Resupply at Frontier Town, MT, near MacDonald Pass?

Ken and I just returned from scoping out the CDT for next year's thru-hike.
We had planned dinner at Frontier Town and it seems to be permanently closed
with a locked gate across the road and weeds growing. We asked our waitress
in Helena if she knew what was happening, but she didn't know.

We also discovered that the post office in Gibbonsville is closed and were
told that North Fork was  the next PO down 93.

We saw 6 thru-hikers in GlacierNP: Drew (Semper Fi, who we met last year on
the PCT) who has completed NM and flipped to Glacier south. He was hiking
with two other guys. We also saw Jonathan Ley who we know from his PCT web
journal. He was hiking with Kevin and a woman.

We're envious, but our turn is coming.

Gotta hike,
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> The people who were operating Frontier Town in 98 were extremely friendly
> towards thru-hikers. If it is still open and has not been shut down
> of the tax sale I recommend calling-in. Otherwise it is not a traditional
> resupply station (eventhough it breaks up a long stretch) because the
> of operation are ify. For instance, in 98, they were closed and the owners
> were out of the country, but curiousity led me to investigate the compound
> which ultimately ended in an AYCE dinner. A much needed and very
> AYCE! There's nothing like filling up the tank when you're running on
> David
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