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[cdt-l] The Griz Album

Joanne you're a genius. I never thought about a CD of my songs that scare
Griz. With the small players available it could work. Another invention I
thought up on the trail, when my mind had nothing better to do, was the
Tazmanian Devil device. They say that a Griz will back off if he encounters
something larger than himself. Sooo, I designed (in my head) a CO2
inflatable mylar balloon of the Tazmanian Devil that would fold on the top
of the pack. When you see an irritated Griz you simply pull the rip cord
and the CO2 canister inflates the Devil several feet above your head. It
works much like a scuba Mae west vest. For a few extra bucks you could add
Helium. That way if the Taz didn't scare the Griz at least you would float
out of reach. The trick is to find some fool to test the theory.
--Keep Smilin', Dick E. Bird