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[cdt-l] TripleCrown Year

Has anyone been checking out Brian Robinsons progress?  He's moving along 
nicely.  Monday I was in Hot Springs and when I mentioned Brian to the 
outfitter he said no one has come in, but yesterday (Sunday) a hiker had come 
through carrying shoeshoes!  He started New Years Day from Springer.

<A HREF="http://homestead.juno.com/roy.robinson/Triple_Crown.html";>
TripleCrown Year</A>

Another website you may want to check out is Pieps and Fiddleheads.  They'll 
be attempting a calendar year Triple Crown starting at Katahdin on Oct 25th 
and ending 365 days later on Mt. Whitney!  Unlike Brians attempt, Pieps and 
Fiddlehead's will have van support.  This would be their second Triple Crowns!

<A HREF="http://bpieps.safeshopper.com/";>TripleCrown Year II</A> 

Both pretty cool hikes, if you ask me and happy I'm not doing them, although 
I will be assisting Fiddlehead when he passes through my neck of the woods a 
year from March.