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[cdt-l] Ruck

Dick -
The Ruck is a very informal gathering of hikers who have gotten to know each 
other through the internet, primarily on AT-L, though we have had some PCT-L 
and ATML people as well.  For the past five years or so there have been get 
togethers in January at Harpers Ferry , Pine Grove Furnace and also Colorado 
and Georgia -- wherever people who know each other through e-mail decide to 
get together for a weekend of talking trail and doing a little hiking.  Not 
ALDHA or ALDHA-West associated, though a lot of us are members of both.  We 
generally have a pot luck dinner on Saturday night, some slides and a lot of 
fun. The Ruck gives us a chance to put faces with the names - and a chance 
to do something fun and hiking-related at a time when 'most' hiking 
activities are curtailed.

You're missing something by not coming to the ALDHA Gatherings -- it is so 
good to get together with others who really understand what long distance 
hiking is about.  A lot of good people to get to know. And if nothing else, 
the slides and workshops are a really good place to get first hand info 
about trails around the world.  In our normal lives, we know very few people 
who even hike, much less hike the long trails.  For a couple of weekends a 
year, we are among friends who really KNOW.

As to joining PCT-L  - look at the address at the bottom of this message, 
and substitute PCT-L for CDT-L.  They are run off the same server.


PS - Hope you have a good hike on the PCT.

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