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[cdt-l] Ruck

>But I am still curious--what's a Ruck?
>I assume it is a gathering of ALDA or ALDAWEST.

The Rucks aren't something you join.  They are meetings of hikers
to talk trail, meet, hike, talk trail and have fun.  Originally started
by a guy named Phil who had questions about his upcoming thru
of the AT, the concept has grown and multiplied.  We are not
associated with any official organization.  Anyone can have
a Ruck.  Actually it only takes a couple willing hikers.  Smaill Rucks have
happened in Indiana and Arizona.  The one in PA has grown over the years
and changed to include semi formal presentations and slideshows about
the CDT and PCT, by Ginny and Jim Owens as well as other hikers 
presenting  slides
the John Muir Trail and the IAT.  I post announcements about the Ruck to 
all the e-mail groups
in case any of the participants may be close to PA and interested in attending.

For more info on the PA Ruck, 
visit  http://friends.backcountry.net/ruck/PARUCK/'01/1/1.html
although I think the hostel may be booked up by now.  There is camping 
available for
those with the gear and the gall to face PA in the winter,  And yes..people 
do camp.

There will also be a SE Ruck on the same weekend at Goose Creek Cabins near
Blood Mountian on the AT.  This will be the first SE Ruck and will be a 
more laid
back affair with no scheduled presentations or slides but still a great 
chance to meet other
hikers and talk about the long trails.  For info on the SE Ruck, email 
or join CDT-L's sister list, AT-L  for updates.