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[cdt-l] Ruck

I consider myself a long distance hiker though I've never join the long
distance hikers associations. My grandfather, when he was closing in on
100, told me when he was in 5th grade a group of boys in his one room
school house wanted him to join their club. The initiation was to go into
the outhouse at recess, drop your drawers and fling open the door. When he
did this, there stood the schoolmarm. She not only sent him home, she
suspended him for a whole semester. He said he never joined another thing
the rest of his life. I guess that's why the rest of us in the family
aren't joiners.
But I am still curious--what's a Ruck?
I assume it is a gathering of ALDA or ALDAWEST.
One other question to save cyber paper. I am considering doing the PCT this
year and wonder how to sign up for that list if it exists. 
Any info would be greatly appreciated. 
Keep Smilin', 
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