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[cdt-l] Replies to the list or to the sender?

> It just seemed odd to me, when I hit reply to Jim's message, it addressed the
> list, when I hit reply to all it addressed the list twice!  Just trying to
> let you know there's a chink in the system.

Because that's how list serves work.  This is precisely what what I
referred to in a previous message.  Replies to list serves do not work
the same as replies to individual addresses.  

Replies to list serves are either sent to the list, which in turn relays
the message to everyone on the list, or they are sent to the individual
sender, depending on how the list serve is set up.  It has nothing to do
with how your individual email is set up.  The former alternative, which
we currently have on this list serve, is often preferred by list serves
with low to moderate membership because the purpose of list serves is
usually to have a group discussion on topics of general interest.  To
cut down on the traffic, list serves with extremely large memberships,
such in the thousands, sometimes only send replies to the sender and
everyone else who has replied to the same sender.  

However, in the case of list serves, which send replies to all members,
such as this one, anyone can send a message to an individual simply by
deleting the list serve address and replacing it with the individual
sender's address, which is always given in the header after the word

Does this clarify the situation for anyone?