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[cdt-l] Replies to the list or to the sender?

> Hotmail gives you the choice between Reply and Reply All.
> Ginny

I have this same choice on my computer, but it doesn't solve the
"problem" (if it is a problem).  I don't know all the ins and outs about
it, but Reply and Reply All don't work the same for list serves as they
do for forwarded messages or messages sent to many individual persons
not on a list serve.  In fact if you choose Reply All for a list serve,
often two or more messages are sent to everyone on the list serve rather
than just one.

I agree with Charlie.  I belong to one list serve that has reply to
sender, but it has over 2,000 members and even with reply to sender, I
get about 40 messages per day just from that single list serve.  Heaven
knows how many messages I would receive if it were reply to list!  I own
another list serve myself that has less than 200 members.  If replies to
that list serve were sent to sender only, there wouldn't be any