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[cdt-l] sleeping quilts

Ann and I made a sleeping quilt from Ray Jardine's instructions using
three layers of .8-inch LiteLoft with a 1.1 oz. nylon shell.  It works
great down to about 35 or 40 degrees, and we prefer it for warmer
weather.  We are now using Glen van Peski's 12-ounce packs, however,
which seem to need a sleeping bag to ride well.  Whoever is carrying the
pack without the quilt is not as comfortable.  

On the PCT we used Feathered Friends Swallow 20-degree bags with 1.1 oz.
nylon shells and 800-fill down, which together weigh about 14 ounces more
than the quilt.  The bags will zip together, and we shook most of the
down to the top on really cold nights, giving the effect of a sleeping
quilt.  Using the uncoated shell we slept under the stars most nights
without any problem, drying the dew off the bags when we stopped for
breakfast or morning snack.

Annie and the Salesman
AT '94, PCT '99
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