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[cdt-l] sleeping quilts

One thing to think about - the CDT can be a much colder trail than the PCT.  
As southbounders, we had about 6 weeks of summer, the rest was mostly a 
winter hike.  I used a 10 degree bag all the way; Jim started with a 20 deg. 
down bag and switched in Colorado to a 5 degree bag.  We zipped the two 
together, which works well for us.  Despite the low rating on the bags, we 
were cold, often.  In Colorado it was frequently down around 10-20 deg. at 
night. Most of northern Montana was below freezing at night, as was New 
Mexico and parts of Wyoming, even in August.  It can get much colder than 
that at any time of year. Remember, you are at much higher elevations on the 
CDT. Saving weight is terrific, but not if it means being seriously 

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