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[cdt-l] sleeping quilts

I have been looking into sleeping systems to use on my long distance
hike.  I prefer the idea of a quilt as I will be travelling with my
significant other and we would like to maximize our warmth and minimize
the weight by sleeping under the same insulation.  This inquiry is aimed
most specifically at those of you who have actually completed a 2,000+
mile hike because the most helpful information I have recieved has come
from you.  What type of sleeping system did you use?  A quilt?  With the
extensive amount of logistical planning I must do for this hike I would
prefer not to have to purchase a sewing machine to make my own quilt--
Has anyone tried GoLite's two-person quilt or a similar product?
Hopefully these questions will spark some interesting responses as the
cdt-list has been relatively quiet lately.  And an anticipatory thanks
for any info you might be willing to share.