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[cdt-l] permits

You will need a permit in Yellowstone which is hard to do because you enter
into the park at the far SE corner. In '99 I tried to make it all the way
through to the front country (approx. 30-32 mi. day) the first day and
catch a ride to Lewis Lake Campground. I hit bad weather and bad belly and
only made it to Heart Lake. I explained my situation to the backcountry
rangers there and they were fine with it. Another hiker that year Andy did
the same thing and got chewed out. I would call from Togwotee Pass Lodge
and let them know your coming. Second day is an easy hike to Old Faithful
(again front country--no permit needed) and the third day is an easy hike
out the west boundary.
Glacier you will need a permit. I followed the proper procedure and still
got hassled. I ended up calling the Park Super and complaining. In Sept. I
had the whole place to myself. Spent the 1st night at 2 Medicine, then
Eagle Lake, then Swift Current, then 50 mountain and Canada the 5th day.
Rocky Mtn. you will not need a permit unless you do the loop over Flatop
Mtn. The official trail only spends about a 1/2 hr. in the park on the
great Kickalottapoo Trail (The Horse Riding company out of Garnd Lake takes
fudgies on this short section of trail) from Grand Lake to the visitor center.
My advice is to do the best you can with the permit system and try to work
with the park service but if all else fails--Keep on Truckin'
--Keep Smilin', Dick E. Bird