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[cdt-l] map source?

I don't know if you all are familiar with topozone.com, but=20
they just started a new service called "map factory". =20
Basically, for like $80 a year, you can create custom topos
of any size in 1:25000 (24000?) or 1:100000 (they also have a=20
1:50000 option, but it uses the 1:24000 data - I think you're
better off shrinking a 25000 map on your PC/printer.)

They have an example map on the site, so you can=20
experiment with it. =20

The maps are scanned USGS maps.

This is different than their existing service in that the old free
service creates maps from smaller "tiles" which
are really difficult to download effectively.

I think I might be able to shrink down the 1:25000 maps to=20
a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile on a decent printer, keeping all
the USGS data legible (although very tiny - I have good eyes).=20
(the standard maps are about 2.5 inches/mile) I figure for=20
the CDT it'd take around 200 (8in x 10in) maps or so.  So, I=20
was calculating:
$80 for the service
$20 for some decent quality paper
$50 for ink (could be more?)
comes out to $150 for 1:25000 USGS maps of the CDT.  This
doesn't take into account the time involved.  Each of the files
would be ~2Mb (compressed) in my scenario, and takes 5 minutes
to print.  Downloading can be done at night, but it still takes=20
time to figure out the coordinates of the maps one needs...=20
So, say 15 minutes per map? that's like 50 solid hours of=20
map churning.  Hmmm...=20

Sorry to ramble on, just thought someone might be interested.


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