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[cdt-l] Bridger-Teton NF Oil and Gas DEIS

Hi All,

Just a last minute reminder to submit your comments on the Bridger-Teton Oil
and Gas leasing DEIS. The comment period ends in just a couple days on 2-28.
Click the link below right now and it will take you to the B-T National
Forest comment form where it will take less than 2-minutes to indicate your
support (hopefully) for the preferred alternative (Alternative 4) and a few
comments on what you believe is at stake. In addition to mentioning the CDT,
which passes right through the center of this area, you can comment on air
and water quality, road building and its effects, recreation and wildlife
considerations. This plan effects all forest lands between the Wind River
Wilderness areas and Togwotee Pass.


Alternative 4 - No Lands Available for Oil and Gas Leasing (Forest Plan
Amendment Required).Under this alternative, all Federal lands within these
management areas would be administratively unavailable for oil and gas

Mark Dixon

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