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[cdt-l] Another Colorado question


Now you started another story, but did not finish it. Why did they kick you out
of Glacier? (Trail closure because of bears? Too much snow?) How far did you

A little more background would also be interesting (at least to me). It sounds
like you started your trip in East Glacier on May 30 and hiked south to Warm
Springs. Went back to East Glacier to hike north to Canada. Were you headed to
Waterton or Belly River? Why did you go north instead of south in Glacier?


Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:

> Since we
> didn't want to do another 3 hour RT drive, we went back to Two Medicine the
> next day, where we were given our permit, by telephone of course.  If we
> hadn't had the use of a friend's car we would have really been upset.  At
> that, we were lucky - at least we got a permit, even if they did kick us out
> of the park mid-way.)
> Ginny