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[cdt-l] CDTA response

Response to David Patterson's question:
Glad you asked the question regarding what the CDTA is doing to protect the 
CDT. This summer (July 21- Aug 5, 2001) we are coordinating a special event 
called Uniting Along the Divide II where hundreds of volunteers will be 
traveling the CDT to document the nationally significant scenic, historic, 
natural, recreational and cultural features to preserve the ultimate CDT 
experience and vision. Where the CDT does not yet exist, or is in an 
undesirable location, these teams will explore the area for the ultimate CDT 
This information will then be used to help us develop a Master Plan 
(including a corridor) for the CDT. We have been working on the CDT corridor 
concept for the past year. During our 3rd national conference in 1999, 
participants asked the CDTA to investigate identifying a corridor for the 
Trail. We have been working with the land managers to get buy-in before we 
proceed. Afterall, nothing is going to happen if the land managers don't buy 
in to it. Things are looking good so far. Many of them are excited about the 
concept but warn us about the fears private property owners may have near the 
A Master Plan for the CDT will provide us the tools we need to manage and 
protect the CDT into the future. We will be discussing this information at 
our 4th national conference, TrailFest 2001, in Breckenridge, Colorado on 
Sept. 7-9, 2001.
We welcome your participation in Uniting Along the Divide II and TrailFest 
2001. Please contact me if you would like more information on how to get 
We look forward to your involvement!
Paula Ward, Exec. Director
Continental Divide Trail Alliance 

PO Box 628  Pine, CO 80470
Phone: (303) 838-3760
Fax: (303) 838-3960
Email: CDNST@aol.com