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[cdt-l] two questions about Colorado

I was hoping Paula or someone from the CDTA would address Ginny's question.
I know last summer they had a couple of days volunteer work scheduled in
Herman Gulch, Gray's Peak, and Morgan Peak (above Montezuma). Seems like I
remember reading last summer that this future trail currently deadends just
south(?) of Morgan Peak. This year's volunteer schedule shows more trail
reconstruction and maintenance scheduled near Herman Gulch and Gray's Peak
and new trail construction near Morgan Peak. Is there already a trail
decending south of Gray's Peak?

I guessing the plan is to eventually connect to the Colorado Trail, which I
believe decends into Breckenridge, heads over the Ten-Mile Range, to reach
Copper Mountain.  

As far as the route from Jones Pass to Herman Gulch, you can cross-country
south along the Divide, descend across the head of Woods Creek into Herman

Just speculating, but it must take an extra day or two to do this longer
route to reach Copper Mtn.


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Don't know the new developments about the RMNP loop, but last summer we
at Jones Pass and talked with a FS volunteer who was involved with the
trail-building south of Jones Pass. The quote I got was that there was
considerable trail to be built.  Unless I've completely lost it, I
believe I
remember him citing as much as 30 miles of construction left to do.  I
translate that into several years work, at least.  We did Jim Wolf's
up Bobtail drainage over Ptarmigan Pass to Silverthorne and enjoyed it.
Great views along that stretch looking south toward Dillon Reservoir,
Mile Range and Gore Range!


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Subject: [cdt-l] two questions about Colorado

A couple of odd questions came to mind after rereading part of my

Did they ever build the trail from Jones Pass over to Greys Peak?  They

talking about doing that, but two years ago, the trail only went as far
Jones Pass.  After that there wasn't even an obvious cross country
Most thruhikers are likely to do the trail into Silverthorne - much
and less roadwalking for one thing - but I was wondering what ever
to the planned route.

Second - after designating the odd 30 mile loop into RMNP, I read that
were reconsidering the route (again, it's not one that most thruhikers
likely to take, but it's probably a nice weekend trip.)  So, whatever 
happened?  Did they decide on a new route through or around the park?
trail up on the Divide near Bowen Pass was really nice, but the jeep
down off the Divide were really a mess and it would be good to replace
with real trail.  Anyone know?


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