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[cdt-l] Jim & Ginny - El Malpais

Jim and Ginny, thank you for your posts.  I appreciate them very much.

I believe you mentioned (in the Winds) walking from the Cirque of the Towers
via Sweetwater Gap.  I did that route about 15 years ago and really enjoyed
it.  I may try to do the Larson Creek  Temple Pass route this year.

In the El Malpais, I have searched a couple of times for the Malpais Spring
but have not yet found it.  I expect to try again this year.

I have been by the well you mentioned as east of the junction of the Zuni
Canyon and Bonita Canyon roads on several occasions and have never found the
well running or water there.  You were fortunate in finding water there.

There is a BLM / National Park Service El Malpais Recreation Guide Map which
is at 1:100000.  I have used this map in scouting that area.  Last May I
stopped in Grants to get a replacement copy but they were out . . .  it was
being updated.  I stopped again today and got the same story.  If it ever
becomes available again it is very useful for the El Malpais area.  The
coverage is 34*30'00" to 35*15'00' lat. and 107*37'30" to 108*22'30" lon.
The map includes the Chain of Craters area on the west and the Cebolla
Wilderness area to the east.  And it covers from about 15 miles south of the
intersection of NM 117 and County 41 (Pietown road) all the way to
Gooseberry Spring on Horace Mesa northeast of Grants.

Also, according to the maps on display at the Grants Visitor Center, all the
land to the east of County 41 from the County Line to NM 117 is now BLM
land, except for the section with the landing strip (Section 21).  On the
west side of County 41 from the County Line to Section 21 is now BLM land.
Additionally, all of the land on maps as private north of the Cebolla
Wilderness and south of The Narrows and on both sides of NM 117 is now BLM
or National Monument land.

Anyone following a route between Sand Canyon or Cebolla Canyon and La
Ventana might consider staying about 1 mile east of and walking parallel to
NM 117.  I have not walked it but from the NM 117, walking the pasture near
the tree line seems reasonable.  That should take you from/to either of the
windmills to the south (Sand or Cebolla Canyons) and The Narrows Campground
to the north.  Cattle do graze in this pasture.  You would have to climb
through several cross fence lines.  Last May, both of these windmills
mentioned by Jim & Ginny were operating and had water.

Allen Stibora