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[cdt-l] mosquitos

<html><DIV>So, what do you thru-hikers have to say about mosquitos on the trail.&nbsp; Since I will be going northbound I am not worried so much about the southern San Juans (I've spent a lot of time there around that time of year and haven't found them to be too much of a hassle) however I am wondering about the conditions later in the summer (july) higher up in the state.&nbsp; (Nothing can be worse than the Uinta Range in Utah, I hope.)&nbsp; I'm sure many people had tents to escape in to (one perk of tents) but I will be carrying my trusty "Baja Tent" (i.e. tarp) and so do not have the lock-myself-away option.&nbsp; What have your experiences been with headnets, mosquito bars, repellent, breathing excersises, pungent aromas, zen, etc.?&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV>I've really appreciated the informative posts lately, thanks.</DIV>
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