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[cdt-l] Malpais EIS

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 While I was surfing the other day, I saw that the New Mexico BLM site has a 
 copy of an Environmental Impact Statement for management of the Malpais and 
 adjacent wilderness areas.  Since we have a very slow computer, I didn't 
 download the whole thing (it's huge) but decided that first I'd ask here 
 whether anyone has read it and has any idea of what, if anything, it means 
 for the CDT through that area?  Does anyone know if a decision has been made 
 yet about the area or when it will be made?  Was anyone at the hearings?

When the draft was published, CDTS submitted comments urging BLM to take 
another look at the route of the Trail.  We pointed out that when the route 
was originally selected, BLM agreed to consider other options in the future 
-- and that subsequent Federal acquisition of certain key parcels in the 
Cebolla area opened up possibilities that had not previously been available. 
The BLM decision rejected our suggestion.  We have filed a formal protest and 
await further action.

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