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[cdt-l] resupply stops and more NM ?'s

"David Patterson" <wr_ddp@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Is it me or am I the only one who likes the BLM maps? As far as I'm
>concerned they are relatively accurate despite not depicting some of the 
>roads and windmills.

David - you answered your own question.  A map is a representation of 
reality.  If it doesn't reflect what's "actually on the ground" then it's 
not real.  By definition, it's then 'inaccurate'.

It's one thing for the BLM and USFS --- and TI - to manipulate "digitized 
data" (i.e. delete "on the ground" features from maps) for specific 
management purposes.  It's an entirely different matter for them to sell 
those "manipulated" maps to the general public with the implication that 
they're 'accurate' and therefore a 'real' representation of what's on the 
ground and suitable for navigation. That's deception.

>From a hikers point of view (mine) inaccurate maps are ripoff - they're not 
what I paid for.  In addition, they're dangerous.  Not so much in the NM 
desert, but how would you like to use that kind of map in the Whites or in 
northern Montana - in the snow.

And I didn't even mention annoying - because we stopped being annoyed - we 
learned to laugh at the maps.  But I'm still annoyed at the agencies that 
perpetrate that nonsense. I get irritated at 'bait and switch' tactics - and 
many of the maps are on the same ethical level.

We've run into some of this on the East Coast too - I don't like it here 

>Regarding the accuracy of maps it's reasonable to assume that they are far 
>superior than those Lewis and Clark utilized. However, as Ginny pointed out 
>there are a few that contain errors, sometimes significant. Therefore you 
>would do well to use common sense, especially when >navigating with some of 
>the TI Maps.

If you add the BLM and USFS (and the PA State Game Commission) to that last 
statement, I'll agree with you.

Walk carefully with those inaccurate maps,

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