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[cdt-l] resupply stops and more NM ?'s


Highway 93, a paved road, crosses Lost Trail Pass. From there you can either 
descend to one of the following:

On the South side:

1. Gibbonsville, ID: Used to have a PO, but it is closed. However the Broken 
Arrow will hold parcels. There is a mexican restaurant, cabins, and camping. 
The owner is very receptive to CDT hikers and helped Stephen Pern on his 
thru-hike. Gibbonsville is 15 miles from the pass.

2. Salmon, ID: Farther away and has most of the amenities of a larger town.

On the North side:

1. Sula, MT: There is a PO that's a mile of so away from the new KOA 
facility. There's camping, cabins, small store w/ gourmet coffe and 
micro-brew beer, and a deli. The owners were away when I called in a year 
ago, but the manager was receptive to holding parcels. I recommend 
contacting them before sending anything. Sula is 13 miles from the pass.

*Note: Wisdom has 2 places to lodge, restaurants, small store, PO, FS office 
and free camping outside of town. In the past it has been utilized by many, 
not that there are many, CDT-thru-hikers. The only down side is that HWY 43 
is lightly travelled to and from Wisdom, whereas HWY 93 is a major N-S route 
that receives more traffic.

>From experience I recommend Gibbonsville or Sula based on the receptiveness 
of the areas merchants, the distance from the trail, and probability of 
getting a ride. Another consideration is the Hot Springs Lodge that's north 
from the pass. You may do well to contact them and determine whether or not 
they will hold a parcel...provided you lodge a night. If memory serves me 
correctly then the Lodge is about halfway between the pass and Sula.

The option is yours.

Good luck,


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