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[cdt-l] Resupply/Colorado


Perhaps the fact that Silverton is a 10 mile hike as you informed precludes 
most hikers from utilizing it as a trail stop. Also if you are heading north 
from Pagosa Springs the next logical stop if you take the Loop is from 
Spring Creek Pass. From there you can either hitch into Lake City or Creede. 
Comming from the other direction, say from Monarch Pass, you can reach 
Spring Creek Pass after about 100 trail miles.

Noting that most distance hikers are working with a limited number of 
optimal days to complete the Divide, most if not all avoid trail stops that 
require "negative" miles. Also, most thru-hikers try to limit the number of 
trail stops in order to increase their odds at a successful thru-hike. 
Therefore Silverton is not a typical trail stop for the CDT thru-hiker. 
However, more Colorado Trail hikers utilize Silverton. Besides, if you have 
time it's a neat mining town in the heart of the San Juans.


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