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[cdt-l] resupply stops and more NM ?'s

Sharon wrote:

>I am planning my resuplly points, and have quetions about the Salmon, ID
>1) I wrote to Salmon River Stage, and my letter was returned saying address
>obsolete.  Is there a current address?
>  2) What transportation is available from Chief Joseph Pass/Lost Trail 
>Pass >to Salmon?  The guide says it is a small dirt road, and hitchhiking 
> >is>miserable.

He's right, hitching to Wisdom, especially, is slow - very slow.  Chief 
Joseph and Lost Trail Pass are actually about a mile apart. (We missed a 
turn and ended up at Lost Trail Pass.) Best is if you can find someone at 
the trailhead.  Arriving on a weekend might help. There are big parking lots 
at both trailheads. Highway 43 doesn't get much traffic. Salmon is on US 93, 
which gets a lot more traffic.  As we stood waiting on Hwy 43 at Chief 
Joseph Pass, we could hear a lot of cars below us heading down 93.  Two 
years ago the bus was running twice a week, I think, but we didn't bother 
when we came to it.  We had this number for the bus: (800) 258-4937.  Try 

>   3)  Are there any other suggestions about how to get resupplied in this 
> >area?

As Dave said the other day - Sula or Gibbonsville are possibilities.  All 
require hitchhiking.  AS long as you're looking for a ride, it makes sense 
to go to a town that has all the amenities while you're at it.

>Also, questions on NM.

>I ordered the suggested BlM maps and Gila and Cibola maps.  But the BLM are
>not very helpful. (I know there is a trail across El Malpais, but it is not
>marked).  Any suggestions on where to go from here?  USGS maps?  I'm
>impatient to wait till May for the new guidebooks.

Good luck on the guidebook. They were supposed to be out in May 1999. Don't 
hold your breath.

The BLM and USGS maps come from the same source.  Unless the USGS map is a 
lot newer, don't bother.  In NM, get all the NF maps through which the trail 
passes.  If you learn nothing else from us, remember this - ALL the maps 
lie. Accept that now or it will drive you nuts when you are on the trail. 
Some have big errors, some have little ones, but when you're following 
unmarked route, the more maps you have, the better chance you have of 
figuring out reality. The FS maps are better at showing current roads and 
trails than the BLM maps, but all the maps leave out a large number of side 
roads.  We used both those and the Delorme maps as well (if you can find an 
old version (pre-99) of the map book with the water sources, even better.)

Don't worry about the Zuni-Acoma trail not being marked on the map.  Given 
how much the trail twists and turns, I'm not sure I would trust a large 
scale map in any case. The cairns were easy to follow when we were on it, 
and it was rather fun to be hiking a thousand year old trail, despite the 
roughness underfoot. (Very hard on feet - but interesting.) The western 
trailhead we used was on hwy 53, opposite Bonita Canyon Road, though the 
official route continues farther west. It goes east across the narrow neck 
of the Malpais to MP 42 - which is near either La Vieja or Los Pilares, a 
few miles north of La Ventana. Some of all of those should be on your map. 
The official route follows highways: Route 66 east, then 117 south for about 
15-20 miles to the trailhead and then heads west to a NF office on paved NM 
53. If you contact the NPS, they will send you a map of the area that shows 
approximately where the Z-A trail is. You know that it is called Acoma-Zuni 
Trail if you are heading the otehr direction?  Acoma Pueblo is on the east 
side of the Malpais. Zuni Pueblo is to the west.

If you read what we wrote about NM - it is all there too. Teach me to think 
people are actually reading what we wrote ;-)

>1) lastly, what is the declimationfor S. NM?

The declination can be found on all the maps.  (Beware of cutting off map 
edges though, I cut off a lot of essential info that way. At least mark it 
down on the back side or somewhere you can find it.) On the Hatch map it was 
listed as 11 1/2 degrees.

You're welcome.

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