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[cdt-l] resupply stops and more NM ?'s

I am planning my resuplly points, and have quetions about the Salmon, ID 
1) I wrote to Salmon River Stage, and my letter was returned saying address 
obsolete.  Is there a current address?
  2) What transportation is available from Chief Joseph Pass/Lost Trail Pass 
to Salmon?  The guide says it is a small dirt road, and hitchhiking is 
   3)  Are there any other suggestions about how to get resupplied in this 

Also, questions on NM.

I ordered the suggested BlM maps and Gila and Cibola maps.  But the BLM are 
not very helpful. (I know there is a trail across El Malpais, but it is not 
marked).  Any suggestions on where to go from here?  USGS maps?  I'm 
impatient to wait till May for the new guidebooks.

1) lastly, what is the declimationfor S. NM?

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