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[cdt-l] New Mexico.......

Sly wrote:
>There's a good chance I'll be visiting New Mexico later this year in 
>I'd like to do a 90 to hundred mile section.  Ideally it will have reliable
>water, be scenic and be trail (official, private or alternative).  If it's
>private property, can I get an address of the ranch onwer?
>Is there a section with two such paths, so when I hike the trail in 2002,
>I've seen the best of both worlds?
>Thanks, Sly

Sly -
You might want to look at a loop in the Gila/Aldo Leopold.  Haven't looked 
at a map, but you should be able to make a long loop through there.  Or 
maybe a one way from Reserve south through the Gila.  It's beautiful country 
up there.

Walk softly,

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