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[cdt-l] CDT Planning Info - Towns

Jeff Braun wrote:
>Just noticed Wamsutter is in the news, too. Lots of gas drilling >activity 
>in the area of the Divide.

Interesting --- this is a quote from the article:

>During a recent public meeting, suggestions included a grocery store, >car 
>wash, coin-operated laundry, movie theater, motel, better fire >protection, 
>cash machine and bigger school.

The implication is that these services are not presently available in 
Wamsutter.  The question is - do you really want to wander into a place 
that's about to be over-populated by oil/gas field workers.  :-))

Some years ago a CDT thruhiker was mugged/robbed on the trail.  Anyone 
remember where that happened?

Walk softly,

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