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[cdt-l] CDT Planning Info - Towns

Jeff Braun wrote:
>Just to add to the confusion, Frontier Town is currently up for auction to 
>pay unpaid taxes.  For more info see:

Guess we can scratch Frontier Town - at least for now.  To quote myself -

>keep in mind that ALL of this information is subject to change. Businesses 
>change or fail and may not be replaced; people move, die or >become 
>disillusioned by rude or ungrateful hikers; you may not be able to get to a 
>particular town; or they may not have what you want or >need.  In any case, 
>you’ll find anything you want to be more expensive than you like.   The 
>standard guarantee applies to the accuracy of >this information – four 
>hours or sundown, whichever comes first. :-)

One of the things we keep telling people is "be flexible".  Rigidity is not 
a survival trait on the CDT.

Old Samurai saying -
"Expect nothing, be prepared for anything".

Wonder if that's where the Boy Scouts got it from?

Walk softly,

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