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[cdt-l] CDT Planning Info - Towns

In terms of Pizza Hut I can confirm that it was the only restaurant that I 
patronized in Grants and I was very ill for 4 days in Cuba and for a couple 
days on the trail North of Mount Taylor. Noting the stats perhaps 
thru-hikers would be better off to avoid the lunch buffet.

Gibbonsville used to have a PO. I called in there a year ago when I was 
scouting and doing research. Some of my notes are in storage and I can't 
recall the woman's name I spoke with. However she was extremely friendly and 
receptive to prospective CDT hikers. In fact she told me how she met Stephen 
Pern and that she and her husband helped him out. Anyway, there is a 
restaurant there called the Broken Arrow...it's Mexican and it smelled so 
good I was tempted to wait a couple hours for the dinner hour. They also 
have cabins for hire and camping, showers and the like. Personally I think 
it would be a better stop plus it is closer to the trail. Although a nip 
down to Salmon is not out of the question, especially if you have a medical 
or equipment emergency.

Another possible option in addition to Gibbonsville and Sula is the Hot 
Springs Resort that's north of the ski area at Lost Trail Pass. While I've 
never been there it seems like they would hold a parcel provided you spent 
the night there. Just another idea since it is closer to the trail, but be 
certain to inquire first since I haven't checked it out yet. Actually 
between the hospitality and Mexican entres it would be tough not to go to 
Gibbonsville. I really felt like they enjoyed being a part of the limited 
thru-hiker traffic when the PO was in operation and that they'd be delighted 
to host others in the future. BTW, they will hold parcels.

Say, is there anyone on the list who's planning a 01 CDT thru-hike?


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