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[cdt-l] CDT Planning Info - Towns

David Patterson wrote:
>Thanks for posting all the info. I didn't realize that a number of >hikers 
>have gotten sick in Grants...presumably from the Pizza Hut. In >98 I became 
>very ill just north of Mt. Taylor. It cost me 4 days once I >managed to get 
>into Cuba. My partner and I did eat at the Pizza Hut >lunch buffet, but she 
>did not get sick. I'm not sure what it was, >perhaps food poisoning, but it 
>definitely wasn't "town tummy".

So far we know of at least 5 'couples' who passed through Grants, ate the 
Pizza Hut buffet -- and one of them got violently sick.  For a while we 
thought it might be the town water (we had some problem with that in another 
town up north), but at least 2 people ate and drank nothing else in town - 
they were picked up by relatives and didn't stay in town. This isn't 
positive proof, but I don't think I'll eat at that Pizza Hut again.

>In terms of resupply I want to recommend some additional options. >Instead 
>of Wisdom in Montana I encourage both Sula, MT and Gibbonsville, ID 
>instead. Gibbonsville is 15 miles south of Lost Trail >Pass and Sula is 13 
>miles north of Lost Trail Pass. Both are located >along HWY 93 which 
>recieves far more traffic than Hwy 43 into Wisdom. >Wisdom is the only town 
>I've ever been stuck in because nobody picked >me up after a grueling 4.5 
>hour wait at the side of the road. In fact, >while I was hitching mostly 
>RV-ers passed by and a few of them felt >compelled to give us the "bird" or 
>"finger". Apparently they thought we >were derelicts even though we had 
>just cleaned up in town. It just goes >to show that most people in the west 
>don't even know that the CDT exists. This holds true too for some of the 
>employees of the government agencies, BLM and FS, that are located within 
>the trail corridor and >have responsibilty for management of the CDT. CDT, 
>what's that?

Gotta agree with you.  We'd recommend Salmon, ID out of Lost Trail Pass, but 
we're biased by our stay there.  Gibbonsville would probably do fine - 
except that I don't remember what services are there. Did they have motels, 
restaurants, laundry or groceries?

>Regarding Frontier Town is it under new ownership? It sounds from the 
> >Owen's report that they are still open for business. In 98 the owners 
> >were away and the managers were very gracious. Despite being "closed" 
> >they gave me and Andrew a tour and fixed us dinner. Definitely an 
> >alternative and unique place as well as extremely friendly.

Don't know about 'new' ownership, but we called before we sent the maildrop 
and they were receptive.  Like I said, I think we were their first 
thruhikers so they might have been new. In any case, it was a friendly stop 
- and they took us into town.

>At Benchmark Ranch I had a similar experience to the Owens except the 
> >owners had left a note that they were away...in Utah I think, and 
> >fortunately I found my parcel in one of the outbuildings.

Benchmark was a good stop - it was better than carrying food for the entire 
section.  But don't count on anything but your maildrop.

>In Wyoming I can confirm that Wamsutter is not a hiker oriented town.

We've gotten that impression from everyone who's gone through there, so we 
didn't plan on it.

>Does anyone know the current status of whether or not the Monarch Lodge 
> >will hold parcels? The lodge is a few miles east of Monarch Pass.

Jim Wolf might know, but we didn't plan on going there so we didn't check it 
out.  We contacted them before we went, but their answers as to when they 
would be open were really ambiguous, so we didn't pursue it.

Walk softly,

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