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[cdt-l] CDT Planning Info - towns/mileage

For general information purposes, here is a copy of our revised town list. 
This is a version of what we actually carried on the trail. Please note, the 
mileages are very approximate (on the low side) and are based on Jim Wolf’s 
guides and the route choices that we ended up making.  Where it made a big 
difference, I tried to explain when we used an alternate route.  If you 
choose other alternatives, your mileage will be different, sometimes very 
different. (Up to 400 miles plus or minus.) As to the codes for the 
services: P= Post Office, p = maildrop, M=meals, L = lodging, G = good 
Grocery, g = small grocery, D = laundry, C =Camping, O = outdoor store, I = 
Internet access, S = shower, $ = ATM or bank.  Numbers in parenthesis are 
the miles to hitch (or walk) to get to town.  Many are a good distance off 
trail, but worth the effort.

Town		Zip Code	Services	Cum. Miles Miles to next		Comments


Waterton		   M, L, g, C	               0	 96/104
   2 v. sm. stores in park. All 3 alt. routes are good.

E.  Glacier	59434	   P, M, L, D, I, G, $       104	  133
	Good compact town, hostel

Benchmark	59410	   p, (M, L, S)	             237	  54.5
	Small Resort 1.5 miles off trail. Fee. Call/write first.

Lincoln         59639	   P, M, L, G, I	     291.5	   66
	Rogers Pass (18) – good trail town. Three ways in.

MacDonald Pass		   p, M,  C	             357.5	   59
Frontiertown will sometimes hold packages. Call first.
Could hitch into Helena (all services, inc. good Outdoor store.)

Anaconda	59711	   All Services		     416.5	   96
	Spread out town. Good groceries.
[We took Anaconda cut-off  - Official route is much longer]

Wisdom, MT	59761	   P, M, L, g, D, 	    512.5	  124.5
	Chief Joseph Pass (26)
        Could go to Salmon via Lost Trail Pass instead (All services)

Leadore, ID	83464	   P, M, L, g, D, C, S       637	  101.6
Bannock Pass (15) slow hitch

Lima, MT	59739	   P, M, L, g	             738.6        70.5
I-15 Monida (16)- freeway hitch

Macks Inn, ID	83433	   P, M, L, v.sm g, C, D, $    809 	   37
Can take bus 8 miles to W.  Yellowstone (all)
[Official Trail is 20 miles longer via alt Henry’s Lake route]


Yellowstone NP, 82190	   P, M, L, g, $ 	     846	 86.5-100
Old Faithful Village - no camping at village, nearest is a few miles away

Togwottee Pass Resort, 82513   p, M, L, g, $	     932.6	  124
[We ended up going directly to Togotee Lodge via side trail.  A better
route would be to go to Togwottee Pass and hitch into Dubois.] (38) All
services. Could go to Brooks Lake Lodge ( No services) near Togottee
Pass – maildrop only.

Big Sandy Lodge 82923	  p, M, L, C, S	            1056.6      55-60
	2.4 miles off trail - $20 each, minimum, contact first. No fuel.
[We chose a route going past Cirque of the Towers instead of either
Wolf’s Temple Pass or the official roadwalk routes.]

South Pass	82520     p - snacks	             1112	  130
(0.3) 	Could hitch to Lander (36 miles)
Or Atlantic City	  p, L, M		     1117	  116
	   No  fuel or groceries in S. Pass or A.C.

Rawlins	        82301	  All services	             1233	  126
Good town, very spread out.
Encampment was a possibility, midway through the next section, but we didn't 
stop there.


Steamboat Springs  80477   All Services + NF	      1359	   98.5
	Buffalo Pass (13 miles)

Grand Lake      80447	All services incl. O	      1457.6       86
Good trail town, great hostel.
[We more or less followed Jim Wolf’s route, not the official route which
is much longer and doesn't go directly into town.]

Silverthorn  80498	All services, incl. O	      1543.6       77
	Hostel.  Free bus to neighboring towns.

Twin Lakes  81251	P, M, L, v. sm. g             1620.6       72.5
        (2 or 6)  Laundromat 8 mi down road at Motel.

Salida	    81201       All services		     1693          95.
      Monarch Pass (20) – sandwiches at pass. Lodge at Garfield will 
sometimes hold packages, but Salida was a better town.

Creede	  81130	        P, M, L, D, C, G, O, I, $    1788          143
    San Luis Pass (10), or  via Spring Creek Pass 20 miles further.(35)
Or Lake City  81235	P, M, L, G, D, C, S	     1803          125
    Spring Creek Pass (20)
Creede Cut-off  cuts off about 100 miles from this section.
(Don’t take it unless weather is really bad, this is a beautiful stretch of 

Pagosa Springs  81147    All Services - NF	     1923           64
	Wolf Creek Pass (25)


Chama	 87520		All Services  	             1995	    85
	Cumbres Pass (8)

Ghost Ranch  87510	P, M, S, C		     2080	   57
Conference center - busy

Cuba	87013		P, M, L, D, G, I, $	     2137	  115
	A little spread out, hostel outside town

Grants	87020		All Services		      2252	  86.5
	Spread out, but friendly town

Pie Town  87837	        P, M, C			      2339	   42
	Café is closed on Mon and Tues. – no gas or groceries.

Reserve  87830	        P, L, M, G, D, NF, I	      2380	  127.5
Hard hitch (35)

Gila Hot Springs	L, C, g, S, D, 		      2508	    115
	 Can mail to ranger station/Vis. Ctr. Or store at Mimbres.
(Mimbres has small store and several B&B type places.  We didn’t take
that route.)

Deming   88030	        All Services		       2623	     51
	Good compact town - Amtrak and bus stations.

Columbus  88029	        P, M, L, g, S, C, I, $	       2674 	      3
	Small compact town.

Palomas at Mexican Border	M		       2677
	Lots of bars, restaurants & pharmacies

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