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[cdt-l] REI


This is great news and is a trend that has been going on for 5 or 6 years
now.  Companies like REI are making tremendous amounts of money selling
expensive outdoor gear to outdoor wannabes.  As a result people who really
use the equipment can find it easily, and prices have remained within reach
(the markup is not as high in the outdoor outfitting industry as it is in
other industries.  The items are just expensive to make).

A very good example.  Fleece pull-overs or zip-up that cost $70 in an
outdoor store can now be found on sale for $20 - $30 at Walmart, Kmart or
Target if your willing to forego the name brands and shop around.

REI  is winning on both sides They are making money off people like us, and
people who just want the "look."   Leather boots are still alive and well --
Don't worry.

David's $.02 worth.

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>       I went to the REI store in Albuquerque yesterday, for the first time
> in maybe 3 to 5 years.  Things sure have changed.  I don't want to sound
> rude, but it now appears they cater to people who want to be PERCEIVED as
> outdoors-types, not REAL outdoors-types.
>       Oh, they had all the latest high-tech clothing and all, but some of
> the stuff I expected just wasn't there.  maybe the market has changed, but
> I didn't find ANY all-leather boots.  I didn't see any Reichle boots of
> type, either.
>       I was just a bit surprised, is all...
>       Earl
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