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[cdt-l] Re: [at-l] REI

I talked to a REI employee once about the vast differences in what their
different stores stocked.  At the time we were talking different stores, not
about store changing over time.  However, his answer would probably apply to
change over time, also.

He said that each store watches (with computers) what sell, at what profit
margin, and how fast it moves against the floor/shelf space it occupies.
What works (more $'s for the fixed cost) get more space -- even if it means
closing out lines of stuff.

So, they cater to people who want to be PERCEIVED as outdoors-types, if they
are buying.

They cater to whatever real outdoor segment (hiking, canoeing, climbing,
biking, etc.) is bring in the most bucks for the space.

I guess the bottom line is that folk like us push them toward catering to
people who want to be PERCEIVED as outdoors-types, when we Tukerize, hype
homemade alcohol stoves, buy or sew G4s, bad mouth all the unnecessary gear,

There was a time that my annual REI dividend was larger than what I spend
there now.  I've changed, they've changed, and we are not going in the same


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>       I went to the REI store in Albuquerque yesterday, for the first time
> in maybe 3 to 5 years.  Things sure have changed.  I don't want to sound
> rude, but it now appears they cater to people who want to be PERCEIVED as
> outdoors-types, not REAL outdoors-types.
>       Oh, they had all the latest high-tech clothing and all, but some of
> the stuff I expected just wasn't there.  maybe the market has changed, but
> I didn't find ANY all-leather boots.  I didn't see any Reichle boots of
> type, either.
>       I was just a bit surprised, is all...
>       Earl
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