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[cdt-l] CDT mystery flowers

First let me state that pretty pictures do not necessarily give the
necessary information that is helpful in flower identification - both a
good view of the vegetative parts (leaf size shape, vesture), or the shape
and configuration of  various parts of the flower.  Different genera and
species require knowledge of different parts to identify them. Botanists
collect plants so that they can identify them,
Accurate floral books have drawings not photos.  So it might be difficult
to accurately identify these plants to species unless you can find some
academic from the area. I believe your four plants are the following

!)Balsamorhiza -"Balsamroot" - looks almost like "mules ears", but the
flower is different and the leaves are triangular

2) Aster- "purple Mountain aster"

3)Phacelia "-Phacelia", closely related to "baby blue eyes" and to
Hydrophyllum and Polemonium
 ("sky pilot"); probably a variety of Phacelia sericea, but you need to
know what the basal leaves are like .

4) Rosa - wild rose


> From: Jonathan Ley <over_somewhere@yahoo.com>
> To: cdt-l@mailman.backcountry.net
> Subject: [cdt-l] CDT mystery flowers
> Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001 2:05 PM
> Just thought I'd pick the collective brain... I'm 
> working on my CDT www site & would like to get the
> names of these flowers correct.  If you know your 
> flora, click on the link below and let me know!
> (I'm especially curious to know what the 3rd one is)
> http://www.geocities.com/over_somewhere/temppage.htm
> thanks,
> -Jonathan
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