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[cdt-l] pronounciations...

Hi all,

Most Coloradans pronounce Weminuche as "way-men-OOH-ch," with the "e" silent
at the end.  I'm not sure how true this pronunciation is to the word itself,
since Coloradans seem to butcher most foreign and native words (Buena Vista
= Booena Vista, etc.), but that's how it's said.

By the way, if you tell most native Colorado residents (is there such a
thing?) that you're going to the Weminuche, they won't know what you're
talking about.  Wilderness area names don't seem to have quite sunk in yet.

Jamestown, CO

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Popo Agie - I do not know the correct way to write the pronouncation.  My
understanding is the "A" is silent, the "g" is soft or similar to a "zh" and
the "ie" is something closer to "ia."

po - po - zha  or po - po - gia with the third syllable slightly accented.

I have heard Weminuche pronounced both ways.  I do not know which is

May all have a good holiday season.


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> When we were on the trail we found that a lot of the ways we were
> pronouncing names were wrong.  Some changes were easy - Duboyz instead of
> Dubwa for Dubois, some we never were quite sure of, like Tagatee instead
> toegwatee (I think) some we never did manage to remember(like the proper
> pronounciation of the Popo Agie Wilderness which is something like Poj -
> maybe.  The area was pretty anyway.)  We always pronounced Weminuche as
> spelled, though we also heard it without the e at the end.  Funniest were
> some of the odd mispronounciations we heard for Leadore  - like Leeaddr or
> Lee a door instead of figuring out that it was a mining town that mined
> ore, hence the name.
> Ginny
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