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[cdt-l] pronounciations...

Popo Agie - I do not know the correct way to write the pronouncation.  My
understanding is the "A" is silent, the "g" is soft or similar to a "zh" and
the "ie" is something closer to "ia."

po - po - zha  or po - po - gia with the third syllable slightly accented.

I have heard Weminuche pronounced both ways.  I do not know which is

May all have a good holiday season.


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> When we were on the trail we found that a lot of the ways we were
> pronouncing names were wrong.  Some changes were easy - Duboyz instead of
> Dubwa for Dubois, some we never were quite sure of, like Tagatee instead
> toegwatee (I think) some we never did manage to remember(like the proper
> pronounciation of the Popo Agie Wilderness which is something like Poj -
> maybe.  The area was pretty anyway.)  We always pronounced Weminuche as
> spelled, though we also heard it without the e at the end.  Funniest were
> some of the odd mispronounciations we heard for Leadore  - like Leeaddr or
> Lee a door instead of figuring out that it was a mining town that mined
> ore, hence the name.
> Ginny
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