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[cdt-l] pronounciations...

When we were on the trail we found that a lot of the ways we were 
pronouncing names were wrong.  Some changes were easy - Duboyz instead of 
Dubwa for Dubois, some we never were quite sure of, like Tagatee instead of 
toegwatee (I think) some we never did manage to remember(like the proper 
pronounciation of the Popo Agie Wilderness which is something like Poj - 
maybe.  The area was pretty anyway.)  We always pronounced Weminuche as it's 
spelled, though we also heard it without the e at the end.  Funniest were 
some of the odd mispronounciations we heard for Leadore  - like Leeaddr or 
Lee a door instead of figuring out that it was a mining town that mined lead 
ore, hence the name.

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