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[cdt-l] Good campsites... was timber sale on the CDT

In a message dated 12/19/2001 1:35:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
ellinwood.r@lynchburg.edu writes:

> We were told last summer that it would be about 19 miles of burned area we'd
> walk through.  It turned out that from Gibbons Pass (just north of Chief
> Joseph Pass) to a spot roughly a third of the way up from Johnson Lake to
> Rainbow Pass #1 - a distance of about 37.5 miles - we either walked through,
> skirted very closely, or looked immediately down on blackened forest.

Thirty-seven and a half miles of burnt out forest?  Oh well, I guess it's 
better than road walking around.

> In this same stretch, about mile 11.7 , segment 14, of the  Lynna Howard,
> Westcliffe Publ MT/ID CDT guide,  don't overlook the good water (and
> camping) less than a half mile down Buck Creek Tr 198 to the north. The 7.5
> min topo shows it.  Good spot at right end of meadow, adorned with elk or
> horse skull on tree (no extra charge).  

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out, but no doubt that's where the 
guidebook map splits at center and is hard to spot.  I take it it's the 
opposite direction of where the guidebook writes of Mussigbrod Lake and makes 
no mention of  Skull Meadows or the water?! 

Anyway, that's the first campsite that's been recommended and I'm liking 
that!  Any others, some of spectacular beauty that shouldn't be missed?


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