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[cdt-l] Timber sale on the CDT

> I hiked through ~20-30 miles of burn in the south
> Anaconda-Pintler (and beyond).  I found it striking
> and beautiful.  It's a pity that some people only see
> the monetary value of land.  There ARE other values
> more important than money (MOST values, I'd argue).
> Does anyone know if there is somewhere we can write or
> call to delay, minimize or prevent this activity? (I
> have to re-read the original article)
> -Jonathan

	Nope. That's the problem with the project - by bypassing the appeals
process, the only possible way to address any issues you might have with
it is through the courts. 

	I'm not sure which groups are filing lawsuits, or if they have done so
yet. I'll try to find out and post it here, so that interested parties
can support their action if they so wish.