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[cdt-l] 2001 town stops

Thanks for the town list. As for other choices than
Leadore, you could try Tendoy. There's a PO and small
store combo. The woman who operates the store and PO
with her son has lived there her entire life and has a
few stories to share. 

You can reach Tendoy from Lemhi Pass (by the Sacajawea
Memorial Camp). It should be an easy hitch with the
Lewis and Clark motor tour which has become
increasingly popular. 

BTW, if you camped or had water from the Sacajawea
Springs (near Lemhi Pass) I arrived there near the end
of a wake. Turns out that they dumped the cremated
remains of two people into the headwaters of the
Missouri which happens to be the camp water source.
The flow was kind of weak so we spent some time
picking out bones till a Montana native came down with
a shovel and got to work digging it out. Even the near
pristine water sources can be contaminated on the CDT.



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