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[cdt-l] was alcohol stoves - on trail resupply

Paul said:
>You are correct sir.. However, I am thinking along the
>lines of the strategy of if I find a town that is
>moderate in size (Silverthorne or Rawlins for example)
>mail myself four or five weeks ahead worth of
>Not all of us have the support staff at home and can
>rely on a kind soul to send us 20 mail drops.

It really isn't that difficult to do a resupply as you go strategy.  While 
there are a few places that absolutely require a mail drop, they are really 
quite few and far between.  If you aren't too picky -- i.e. willing to live 
on liptons, rice a roni and mashed potatoes - you can buy as you go except 
at a very few places -- ie. Ghost Ranch, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Twin Lakes, 
Atlantic City, Benchmark, and Macks Inn, - and even there, you can avoid 
those by either hitching farther (i.e. going into Lander instead of 
resupplying at AC) or carrying more food for a longer stretch.   Or do as we 
did and buy in big towns and ship ahead -- but only where really necessary.  
We really didn't do that many food drops.  What we did do was have a bump 
box with some of the extras that were harder to find in small town stores or 
needed to be repackaged in smaller amounts (like dried milk and tea bags).  
We did have our home support (yea Kahley!) send the maps to us every 500 
miles or so and film and extra gear as needed.  I was paranoid about losing 
the drift box and losing all the maps for the trail, so I divided them up in 
smaller lots.  It worked quite well.

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