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[cdt-l] alcohol stoves

The difference between a whisperlite and a white gas
stove that actually simmers is amazing. If you've
never tried a Svea then you don't know what I'm
talking about. Stoves that simmer require less fuel.
For example, I could go upwards of 600 miles with 11
oz. of fuel on the AT (lower elevations). It's too bad
people still consider MSR the standard. 

You are right in pointing out that stoves designed for
mountaineering (boiling water fast) don't necessarily
address the needs of backpackers or distance hikers.
AGain, I think the alcohol stoves are neat and
reliable as long as you aren't trying to cook gourmet
meals. But that's where I draw the line. I don't eat
Raman, lipton, or any other MSG laden, processed, and
empty food. 

Also, after hiking with the first known thru-hiker to
go the distance on Raw Foods (live food) this year, I
might consider going stoveless on my next long hike.
How about that for keeping it simple?


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