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[cdt-l] alcohol stoves

--- Turtle <turtle_mud@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience using alcohol (can
> stoves) on the CDT? I

I live in Colorado myself, and have used an alcohol
stove as high as ~13k feet (on one of the routes of
the CDT in the Indian Peaks no less) on a cold,
October night...when it was snowing. Though it took a
few minutes longer to boil water (say 5-7 minutes
vs.than two-three)  than my friends' Whisperlite,  I
still think the light weight and adherence to the
K.I.S.S principle makes it the ideal stove for a solo,
long distance hiker who does not want to be dependent
on maildrops for fuel (ala the Esbit stove).

If you go to:

you will see some pics of that October trip on the
divide (pp. 4,5,6 to be precise).

Warning, there is a goofy looking hiker with a beard
in many of those pics. :-)

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