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[cdt-l] ETREX vs MAGELLAN 315

I have an E-trex that I have had about a year and I have a Magellan 4000XL
which is about 4 years old.  The E-trex weighs less (E-trex is 5.3 oz with
batteries and the Magellan is 12.4 oz with batteries) and has twice the
battery life (12 - 14 hours vs 6 - 8 hours) on half the batteries (2 AA vs
4AA).  I have not carefully timed the batter life; the times are estimates.

I have found both units "accurate".

Using  the E-trex in the "go to" mode to a landmark (my parked truck) whose
coordinates were saved by the E-Trex, I have found the margin of error to be
approximately 120'.  I have tested this several times.  Within this 120', it
starts to get flaky giving contradictory directions as you move around.  The
closest I have gotten is about 70' before it became flaky.  Also, I
frequently get different readings from the same point but the variances are
minor; my recollection is less than 0.5 seconds.  I have not tested the
Magellan in a similar manner.  I consider the 120' as adequate given normal
visibility and the margin of error in calculating positions on a map and
expect I could find what I was looking for in most though not all

I have not had difficulties getting a navigable signal with the E-trex.  I
have used the unit in forest but not in dense, heavy forest.  Dangling from
my neck by the lanyard, the E-trex seems to keep the signal but if I place
the instrument in my pocket the signal is likely to be lost.

Given these two units, the E-trex is a winner: less weight and one-quarter
the battery requirement.  I paid about $120 for the E-trex at Walmart.

I hope this helps Nate even if it is not the Magellan 315.

Allen Stibora

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> I'm looking at choosing between these two gps units for a thru hike along
> the continental divide.  One has a longer battery life with a cheese
> while the other has a better antena with cheese battery life.  What is
> experience and opinion on these units?
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