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[cdt-l] Maps


Thanks for all the input and advice, I look forward to when you get your 
website back up.  Not to get ahead of myself, I'd really like to hear of your 
hike in the Canadian Rockies!

BTW, I inquired about Bob Julyan's NM guidebook with the CDTA and it turns 
out it won't be available to the public until October sometime.  They told 
me, I may be able to get an unedited version through Westcliffe Publishing, 
but I think I'll just wait.


In a message dated 8/29/2001 8:05:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mallery@traverse.net writes:

> Sly: I used the maps I had everyday until they were worn through. Bob's
> book was not yet published. He was going to hook up with me and hike a
> section of NM but it never worked out. 
> The only state guide I had in '99 was a galley copy of Layna Howards
> Montana guide. I believe all the state guides are now available and I would
> suggest buying them if they are as accurate as Layna's. 
> I used just the Delorme with a cheap GPS most of the time. Most of the NF
> maps I picked up had the trail marked on them. Don't let them sell you
> their old maps they are trying to get rid of. Make sure you ask for the
> latest editions. 
> In New Mexico the two confusing routes were just south of Cuba and just
> north of Ghost Ranch. I did have a Wolf guide for northern NM which was a
> pain because I was going north and it was coming south. It also had one
> wrong turn coming out of the San Pedro Wilderness that cost me a few hours.
> I had a Peterson guide that really helped me with the big picture of where
> the trail went but I found I didn't use it much because I would refer back
> to my Delorme maps as soon as I knew which way the route headed.
> Walking out of Grants you hike right past the NF Service Office. You can
> grab a map there if you are going north. I would suggest getting a BLM map
> from the Cuba, NM office if the guide books do not cover that area with
> some detail. 
> I have had several people send me their Delorme Map books for each state
> and I am glad to highlight my route and note some info when I have time.
> I just returned from doing the Waterton to Jasper Great Divide Trail. It is
> awesome and for those that make it to Waterton in early Sept. and still
> feel like doing some miles it is well worth the price of admission. I used
> Dustin Lynx new guide book and used no topos for the whole 600 miles. He
> gives several GPS waypoints for each section. Its a bit more wild than the
> CDT but very doable. I did Waterton to Jasper  in 30 days.
> I hope to get my website back up which has a ton of CDT route info. I just
> haven't had time. When I do I will post it here. I could find very little
> info before I left in '99 so I know how you feel. I have not seen the other
> guides but I assume they are very helpful. NM is one big trespass. I know I
> climbed over a thousand fences. I did not road walk from Antelope Wells to
> Silver City. I cut through the Gray Ranch. It's a gamble but I never saw a
> soul out there. There is a lot of ranching activity but I stayed away from
> it and only came down for water (and very carefully). I don't know what the
> big deal is about the Gray Ranch because once you cross Hwy. 9 you just go
> onto another big ranch and dozens more all the way across the state.
> I only had one rancher catch me climbing over his fence. He said, "I'm sure
> glad I caught you climbing out of my ranch and not into it." I said, "Me
> too! Ya got any water?" He gave me water and directions and turned out to
> be a great guy. I never had a rancher invite me in for roast beef but they
> were all friendly. I did talk to the Animas Foundation before crossing the
> Gray ranch. They were short and to the point--NO! So don't bother asking if
> you are going to hike the Divide through there.
> --Keep Smilin', Dick Mallery
> The Dick E. Bird News
> P.O. Box 377
> Acme, MI 49610

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