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[cdt-l] (Guest Post) hello from the CDT

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* by our guest Jonathan Ley <over_somewhere@yahoo.com>.
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Just thought I'd send a message to anyone who's
interested... I'm in Rawlins, WY, a little over
halfway done with the CDT I think.  I'm having a 
lot of fun doing as many alternate routes, side
trips, etc that I can fit in.  The wind river's
were stunning... don't follow the CDT route though
(at least not the whole way).  I went up shale
mountain, bushwhacked to green river, over 
knapsack col, and up Fremont Peak... all worth 
the extra effort.  Unfortunately, I had to miss
Big Sandy -> South Pass City as my (our) resupply
package didn't show up in time. (Priority mail 
in Wyoming seems to be slower than parcel post
for some reason).  I didn't have my regular maps
for the divide basin, so I followed the official
route (mostly).  The water sources were all pretty
decent, never more than ~18 miles between... and
most of them were rather clean.  I don't think
I'll ever look at cows the same way after this 
trip.  I hate them.  If I can avoid beef the rest
of my life, I'll be happy.  I'd have a few more
choice words about the cows, but hey, this is
supposed to be a friendly forum.  Well, I'm going
to check out the historical prison here in town
then hit the trail once again.  I'm on track to
be in the San Juans by 2nd week in October.  Every
other person I meet either says "that's way too
late" or "that's no problem at all"... I guess 
we'll see what mother nature has to say.
take a hike!
-Jonathan Ley