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[cdt-l] Maps

Sly: I used the maps I had everyday until they were worn through. Bob's
book was not yet published. He was going to hook up with me and hike a
section of NM but it never worked out. 
The only state guide I had in '99 was a galley copy of Layna Howards
Montana guide. I believe all the state guides are now available and I would
suggest buying them if they are as accurate as Layna's. 
I used just the Delorme with a cheap GPS most of the time. Most of the NF
maps I picked up had the trail marked on them. Don't let them sell you
their old maps they are trying to get rid of. Make sure you ask for the
latest editions. 
In New Mexico the two confusing routes were just south of Cuba and just
north of Ghost Ranch. I did have a Wolf guide for northern NM which was a
pain because I was going north and it was coming south. It also had one
wrong turn coming out of the San Pedro Wilderness that cost me a few hours.
I had a Peterson guide that really helped me with the big picture of where
the trail went but I found I didn't use it much because I would refer back
to my Delorme maps as soon as I knew which way the route headed.
Walking out of Grants you hike right past the NF Service Office. You can
grab a map there if you are going north. I would suggest getting a BLM map
from the Cuba, NM office if the guide books do not cover that area with
some detail. 
I have had several people send me their Delorme Map books for each state
and I am glad to highlight my route and note some info when I have time.
I just returned from doing the Waterton to Jasper Great Divide Trail. It is
awesome and for those that make it to Waterton in early Sept. and still
feel like doing some miles it is well worth the price of admission. I used
Dustin Lynx new guide book and used no topos for the whole 600 miles. He
gives several GPS waypoints for each section. Its a bit more wild than the
CDT but very doable. I did Waterton to Jasper  in 30 days.
I hope to get my website back up which has a ton of CDT route info. I just
haven't had time. When I do I will post it here. I could find very little
info before I left in '99 so I know how you feel. I have not seen the other
guides but I assume they are very helpful. NM is one big trespass. I know I
climbed over a thousand fences. I did not road walk from Antelope Wells to
Silver City. I cut through the Gray Ranch. It's a gamble but I never saw a
soul out there. There is a lot of ranching activity but I stayed away from
it and only came down for water (and very carefully). I don't know what the
big deal is about the Gray Ranch because once you cross Hwy. 9 you just go
onto another big ranch and dozens more all the way across the state.
I only had one rancher catch me climbing over his fence. He said, "I'm sure
glad I caught you climbing out of my ranch and not into it." I said, "Me
too! Ya got any water?" He gave me water and directions and turned out to
be a great guy. I never had a rancher invite me in for roast beef but they
were all friendly. I did talk to the Animas Foundation before crossing the
Gray ranch. They were short and to the point--NO! So don't bother asking if
you are going to hike the Divide through there.
--Keep Smilin', Dick Mallery

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