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[cdt-l] CDT 2002 partners

Hi Claudia!

Ken and Marcia here. We also want to do a Canada mid-June start and go
south. We bought the Jim Wolf books and also the Alliance books from CDT
Alliance http://cdtrail.org/. We bought the map packs from Jin Wolf at the
Society http://www.gorp.com/cdts/. Now we are trying to fill in the gaps. We
went to the western office of US Geological Survey (USGS) for maps but the
scale they had for MT ID WY CO NM was too big so we are going to order from
    Denver Federal Center
    POBox 25286
    Lakewood, CO 80225

Other maps and addresses are in the back of the Alliance books.

We've been working on maps and it is turning out to be a time consuming,
decision making process.

I'll send more addresses if you want BLM, Trails Illustrated or DeLorme
Hope to see you on the trail!
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> He Jen,
> I am very interested in hiking the CDT next year, also more cross-country
> than on the roads. But I am planning on starting north and head South. The
> start would be around the middle of June.
> Do you have the maps for the Trail yet? I haven`t none of them so far, but
> have all the books from Jim Wolf. If yes, where did you get them? I bet
> is the hart part, getting good maps.
> Maybe see you next year on the Trail. Yeehawww...
> Claudia
> alias Swiss Miss
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