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[cdt-l] hikers...

I ran accross five thru hikers on a traverse of the Winds last week.  All
were healthy.  One was a woman with reserved, drawn back hair, wire glasses
and a ready smile.  Another was a medium sized man in his mid to late 20s
with an unruly crop of blond hair and very bright eyes.  Another was a
cowboy looking fellow with a dark bushy beard and forthright manner who
asked as he walked up, "So, what's your story?"  Another was a very tall,
thin short haired man with a sensitive smile.  The last had been chasing the
other four for six weeks, and was only 20 minutes behind.  He was carrying a
daypack sized pack and began to jog when he heard how close he was to the
other four.  He was medium tall, very thin, blond hair and very eastern
european in face.  He didn't stop to talk.

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, WY